My name’s Ruth and I’m a Cthulhu Chick. That is to say, I’m a chick with a lot of Cthulhus. I’m also a library worker and library student (Master’s in Library and Information Science, specializing in archives), a crafter, a reader, and a geek.

Back in fall of 2009, I discovered the tiny crocheted Cthulhu pattern and it revived my interest in crocheting. Unlike quilting, which had been my passion for years, crocheting Cthulhus was portable work with a fast and adorable payoff.

But I approached it the same way I approached my quilt blocks, by making the same thing over and over. Pretty soon I had dozens of Cthulhus living in my apartment and had given some away to friends and sold others that people had commissioned. In June of 2010, I had over 40 little Cthulhus living with me.

I started selling them on Etsy and they’ve become quite popular! I now make all kinds of variations like Chefthulhu, CylonCthulhu, Cuddly Cthulhu, Baby’s First Cthulhu, and WeeThulhu, along with plenty of classic Tiny Cthulhus.

This site isn’t for selling Cthulhus, as I haven’t found a good shop plugin. It’s for sharing adventures of the Cthulhus I’ve already made (especially the ones I’m keeping), for posting pics of some of the new ones I’ve been working on, possibly for writing about related geeky crafting projects, and for posting Cthulhu-related things.

If you’d like to order a custom Cthulhu, you can contact me to discuss color and style, or just get in touch with a question. And if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me there @CthulhuChick.

Note: This summer (2011), I had a bad injury which has kept me from being able to crochet. I’ve taken a break until the hands are healed and I can crochet without pain.

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